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30 Years’ Worth of Forex – Guru Andrew Lockwood | Ep. 010

July 1, 2018

Andrew Lockwood, seasoned forex trader and mentor, touches base with his dear friend Dr. Jason Gospodarek in this special episode. Andrew is a true influence to his fellow mentor Dr. Jason who’d shared livestreams with him for about a year at Forex Signals. Today they get to the heart of the forex market, the good and bad side of it, and the challenges that traders go through. “Ultimately, the trait of a trader, whether you’re trading on the pit floor or whether you’re trading on a screen, or whether you’re already a professional forex trader… is the discipline that really resonates and shines through at the end of the day.” – Andrew Lockwood Andrew Lockwood – Raised in the Pit Andrew has been in the market since he left school at 18 years old. Despite not having solid credentials, he went straight into the London Stock Exchange and became probably the youngest trader on the floor at 19. A few years down the road, he went to the futures and options pits. He spent the next ten or so years shouting and screaming and doing hand signals, the way it was done back in the day. From Pits to Screens His career as a trader spanned the height of the traditional methods, the transition into new technologies, and finally trading on a screen. London was closed down and Andrew was moved up into the office with electronic screens. He sought out the comfort of what he was used to and traveled halfway around the world to Singapore to continue his trade. “A lot of it was done on eye contact, shouting and screaming… Now you look at candlesticks and a chart… You used to look into people’s eyes. You used to look at the fear in their face when the market was going against them.” – Andrew Lockwood Eventually, the rest of the world caught up with the trend. By 2004-2005, Andrew flew back to London and embraced the dawn of the digital age. He traded off his laptop and got immersed in the culture of trading on screens that we know of today. Living and Breathing the Forex Market Now a father of three girls, Andrew enjoys working from the comfort of his home. With Forex Signals, he’s able to impart his learnings from over three decades of trading. He wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. To hear more about Andrew’s ventures into the forex market, his invaluable knowledge, and his experiences with Dr. Jason, download and listen to Forex Expert Andrew Lockwood ( Shares His Story & Secrets! Learn more about Andrew Lockwood: ( Connect with Jason: (TheForexWarrior) Facebook Snapchat Instagram YouTube Twitter Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a positive rating and review on (iTunes) if you enjoyed Forex Expert Andrew Lockwood ( Shares His Story & Secrets! Thank you for tuning in to The Forex Warrior podcast! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.