The USA Weightlifting Podcast

Easily Applied Tips Countdown: 5. Solidifying Your Clean & Jerk Grip

May 18, 2019

This week on the USA Weightlifting Podcasts, your hosts are back with more tips to help improve your lifts to ensure you’re getting the most out of every training session. This episode is all about the clean and jerk and how to solidify your grip for the clean as well as getting into the right positions for proper execution. Some specifics we’ll be diving into include bar contact, defining the first and second pull, transitioning into an optimal jerk position, as well as shining some light on a few things that could be taking away from your mobility. If you loved this episode please leave us a review and share the podcast!

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05:01 - Bar contact
08:15 - Defining 1st & 2nd Pull
27:15 - Hands too narrow
35:00 - Common limiters on your mobility
46:30 - Transitioning to the jerk

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