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The Spiritual Awakening Adventure - Interview with Steve Taylor

March 28, 2024

Paul is joined once more by Steve Taylor, to discuss the topic of spiritual awakening. Steve shares his expertise on the practical aspects of spiritual awakening, defining it as an expansion and intensification of awareness across various aspects of life. The conversation delves into the experiences and challenges associated with awakening, dispelling myths and highlighting the continuous journey of self-discovery and growth

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  • Awakening is not an esoteric or unattainable state; it is more common than perceived, with many individuals experiencing it without labelling it as such.
  • Awakening is an ongoing process with no definitive end point, characterised by continual deepening and expansion.
  • Challenges faced during awakening may include confusion, disorientation, and potential disruptions in relationships.
  • Detachment from external attachments, such as possessions, beliefs, and ambitions, is a crucial aspect of awakening, allowing one to root themselves in their essential spiritual self.
  • Gratitude naturally arises during awakening, leading to a sense of connection, empathy, and appreciation for life's small things.


"The darkness in the world is caused by the unawakened state. It's caused by a state of separation and inner discord. The only hope that human beings have to live in harmony is to move towards awakening."

"It was just like a throb just flowing through me up. It did flow up. And then it would just, you know, I just felt super connected to everything."

"I think it is common. I think a lot of people who experience it are not aware of it as spiritual awakening. It's just their normal state, but they always feel a sense of connection to others."

"It just feels like it's constantly moving and the energy that's constantly moving. And it's interesting just to be present and experience that, you know, without any expectation, just seeing what happens."


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