How Married Are You?

Are we having sex or not? #HMAY 187

Sept. 9, 2023

Today we discuss keeping the light at the end of the tunnel bright. We’ve launched our E-Course, The Premarital Advantage!! View it here: The Website: The Email list: Contact Us: [email protected] Leave Us a Voicemail: +1 727-619-4629 Leave a Review: Every week we share with you all exactly how married we are. Now it's your turn! Leave us a voicemail at +1 727-619-4629 or send a voice message to our DM's on the #HMAY Instagram. WAYS TO PARTNER WITH US: Get special access to things we’re working on, extra content from our fam, and more on Patreon: Support us with a one-time gift through PayPal: CONNECT WITH US ON INSTAGRAM: HMAY Podcast: Glen: Yvette: Chocolate Babes: Frank the Puppet: Yvette Unplugged Podcast: WATCH BELEAF IN FATHERHOOD: Thank you so much for tuning into this episode of How Married Are You?! See you next week!

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