DharmaCast: A LOST PodCast

DharmaCast: A LOST PodCast - Episode 3

April 18, 2006

In this third episode of DharmaCast, Cody and Trevor try to get through another LOST discussion. They succeed. Cody and Trevor talk about: -What happened in "S.O.S." -The easter eggs found in "S.O.S." -What they think will happen in future episodes of LOST -The one and only, Henry Gale -The Dharma Initiative -Some interesting theories -Dr. Marvin Candle and his "left arm" -The Dharma Initative and Hanso Foundation website -The Oceanic Airlines website -Random things that do not pertain to LOST This is getting a little better but just to warn you, Cody does talk a little louder and Trevor is a little bit softer so bear with us. It is overall a better episode. eMail us your theories to [email protected] Write a review and rate us on iTunes! We would really appreciate it. We're still working on our editing skills so if you would like to help us, eMail us at: [email protected] Want to be heard on DharmaCast? Then call the official DharmaCast Voice Mailbox and leave a brief comment, question, theory or shout out! Our number is: 206-457-1808 Mahalo! -Update- For those of you who tried downloading the third episode earlier but couldn't because there was no audio file, we re-uploaded the third episode and is working perfectly now! If you have any questions or concerns, eMail us using the address above. Enjoy!

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