Make the Plates Stop Spinning Amy’s Side |014

Sept. 5, 2018

In this episode of 2 Sides 2 the Story, Amy brings to the listeners her time of spinning plates to keep everything moving in their lives. So many can relate to this constant circus act of spinning a plate on a stick; both she and Chris felt this way. They were continually spinning plates in their bodies, spirituality, family, and business. And the second you stopped spinning the plate in on area it would slow down. Amy would spin her plates more in the family then the business plates, and wasn't paying attention to the body plate, and lastly trying to have a relationship with God. It gets to a point where there is no joy in spinning the plates; it's just another a task and survival. She realized she was creating the expectations of how her plates should look. Amy took a journey of finding her self and finding joy; and if a plate fell, the world would not come crashing down. The Core 4 was overwhelming at first, and  Amy had convinced herself she would fail. As Chris taught her she realized through the Core 4 allowed her to make realistic expectations on her plates; she learned to manage them so Amy would feel she had a successful spin going. Learning to focus on each area 100% by itself; then move onto the next plate without unrealistic time expectations. Look at where you are putting expectations on yourself and your plates. Where is the plate you need to focus on 100%?


Each week on “2 Sides 2 the Story,” you will be joined separately and together by, Co-hosts Chris and Amy Breen. The couple has supported each other through the entrepreneurial, hustle and grinds for over 20 years; not just surviving it, but thriving in it. Join them for this tri-weekly podcast, where they will share how they have learned to excel in life, without sacrificing themselves in the process. You can produce abundance, prosperity, and legacy while maintaining your health and your family life.

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