Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

Episode 17: Hard as Nails Show Episode 17

July 24, 2021

"Hard As Nails" Live Rock from live concert Recordings,Live studio recordings,or wherever a recording can take place. Host: Dj James Carlozzi Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST on Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

Due to technical issues James Mic stopped working so this show is all music.   Enjoy!!!

1. Reignwolf- I Want You (Studio)
2. THe Grizzled Mighty-Sun Valley (Studio)
3. Buffal Fuzz-Aint Seen A Cent (Live)
4. The Blackwater Fever-Back For You (Live)
5. Five Horse Johnson-Jake Leg Boogie (Studio)
6. Formula 400-Light My Way (Studio)
7. High Priest-Creature (Studio)
8. Blackjack Mountain-Witch Of The Swamp (Studio)
9. No Easy Day-Highway 69 (Studio)
10. Beithemeans-Mr. Devil And The Black Widow (Studio)
11. Whiskey Myers-Bitch (Cover)
12. South River Slim-LA Woman (Cover)
13. Too Slim & The Taildraggers-Time Has Come Today (Cover)
14. The Black Moods-Sunshine (Studio)
15. Dirty Bootz-End Is A Start (Studio)
16. Ash Grunwald-1976 Coaster Van (LIve)
17. Wallace Jack-Jesus Loves Fish Tacos (Studio)
18. Shayk-313 (Studio)
19. Them Dirty Roses-Molly (Studio)
20. Dirty Honey-Rollin 7s (Studio)
21. The Last Vegas-Apologize (Studio)
22. Southbound Snake Charmers-Bad Ass Blues (Studio)
23. Big Daddys Breakfast Voodoo-Go The Fuck To Sleep (Studio)
24. Black Cat Bone-Jesus,Carry My SHotgun Home (Studio)
25. The Ugly Kings-Black Widow (Live)
26. Low Volts-I Cried My Guts Out (Live)
27. Blacktop Mojo-Pyromaniac (Studio)
28. Balkun Brothers-So Hi,So Low (Live) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.