Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

Episode 18: Hard as Nails Show Episode 18

July 29, 2021

"Hard As Nails" Live Rock from live concert Recordings,Live studio recordings,or wherever a recording can take place. Host: Dj James Carlozzi Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST on Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

Due to technical issues James Mic stopped working so this show is all music.   Enjoy!!!

1. Rocky Athas-Mississippi Queen(Cover)
2. The Joe Davis Band-The Blue And The Grey (Studio)
3. FURR-Trouble (Studio)
4. Black Diamon Heavies-White Bitch (LIve)
5. Black Smoke Trigger-The Way I'm Wired (Studio)
6. Bonfire-Stone Cold (Cover)
7. Honeybone-Throw Me A Rope (Live)
8. Black Cat Bone-Bullet (Studio)
9. Zalomon Grass-Back Where I'm From (Live Studio)
10. Howliong Giant-Husk (Live Studio)
11. Worshipper-High Above The Clouds (Live Studio)
12. INDIANHEAD-Memphis At Midnight (Studio)
13. Koritni-Highway Dream (Live)
14. The Answer-Flying (Studio)
15. JOY-So Many Lonesome Years (Live)
16. Robert Connely Farr-Catfish (Live)
17. Rum For Legba-Someday Baby (Studio)
18. The Bonnevilles-Son Of A Reverbio (Live)
19. King Mud-Suzy's Corner (Live Studio)
20. Mountain Rag-The Animal Mother (Studio)
21. Jackie Treehorn Ave.-Lysergic Holiday (Studio)
22. Jive Mother Mary-Bedroom Eyes (studio)
23. The White Rattlesnake-Happy Motherfucker (Studio)
24. Mad Shadow-Evil (Studio)
25. Ziqqur Hat-A Drum (Live Studio)
26. Blindstone-Struck Down By The Blues(Live) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.