Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

Episode 22: Hard as Nails Show Episode 22

Aug. 25, 2021

"Hard As Nails" Live Rock from live concert Recordings,Live studio recordings,or wherever a recording can take place. Host: Dj James Carlozzi Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST on Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

1. Hell Bruizes-Honey (Studio)
2. Hell Bruizes-Dead Morning (Studio)
3. Stone Mask-So It Goes (Studio)
4. The Trikes-Sordid Love ( Live Studio)
5. Rattlesnake-Time Is Come (Studio)
6. Red Stone Souls-Bad Mans Blues (Live Studio)
7. Bigday Breaker-As He Says He Does (Live)
8. Ruby The Hatchett-Easy Livin (Cover)
9. The White Rattlesnake-Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Cover)
10. Apewards-Isolated Ground (Live)
11. Zalomon Grass-Badstock (Studio)
12. Meantooth Grin-Tommy Gun (Live)
13. Lance Lopez-Hard Time (Live)
14. Wes Jeans-Forrest Of The Pines (Live)
15. Preacher Stone-That's Just The Whisky Talking (Studio)
16. Branford Hwy-BOOTS ON THE GROUND (Studio)
17. Black Cat Bone-Love My Baby (Live Studio)
18. Ash Grunwald-Take The Drop (Live)
19. Hunter & The Dirty Jacks-Come On In My Kitchen (Acoustic Cover)
20. South River Slim- Folson Prison Blues (Cover)
21. Delta Boy Wait-Pretty Demon (Studio)
22. The Bad Days Blues Band-Wandering Man (Studio)
23. Shaw Davis & The Black Ties-Mama Told Me (Live)
24. Crow Black Chicken-The Drop (Live)
25. The Toilers-Seven year Bitch (Live)
26. The Blackwater Fever-End of Time (Live Studio) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.