Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

Episode 24: Hard as Nails Show Episode 24

Sept. 9, 2021

"Hard As Nails" Live Rock from live concert Recordings, Live studio recordings or wherever a recording can take place. Presenter: James Carlozzi Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST on Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

1. Koritni-Down At The Crossroads (Live)
2. Koritni-Highway Dream (Live)
3. The Ugly Kings-Killing Time (Live)
4. Bonafide-Bottle Of The Jack (Live)
5. The Cold Stares-Any Way The Wind Blows (Studio)
6. Desert Of Talking Shadows-Quit Your Bitchong ( Live Studio)
7. Crazy Bull-Wicked Machine (Demo)
8. Dirty Dave Osti Fairies Wear Boots (Cover)
9. Novadriver-SinCity (Cover)
10. The Grizzled Mighty-Cabin Fever (Studio)
11. Big Daddys Breakfast Voodoo- Huggin The Bowl (Studio)
12. The Builders & The Butchers-Dirt In The Ground (Live)
13. Balkun Brothers-Bitches Brew (Live Studio)
14. Hard Stairs- Chicken Hearted Woman (Live)
15. Electric Blues Collective Swamp Gas (Live)
16. Blackberry Smoke-One Horse Town (Live)
17. Bag Of Nails-Theses A Devil After Me (Demo)
18. Bacon Fat Louis-Sheake Em Down (Live)
19. Blackberry Smoke-You Just Got Lucky (Love Cover)
20. The Cosmic Trip Advisors-Cant Find My Way Home (Cover)
21. Black Vines-Empty Road (Live Studio)
22. High Mountain- ATM (LIve Studio)
23. Red Spektor- Transcending (Live Studio)
24. The LOne Crows-Lone Crow (Live)
25. Moreland & Arbuckle-Mean And Evil (Studio) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.