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Episode 37: Hard as Nails Show Episode 37

June 30, 2022

Hard as Nails Episode 37

It's Triple Tuesday with James Carlozzi!

"Hard As Nails" Live Rock from live concert Recordings, Live studio recordings or wherever a recording can take place. Presenter: James Carlozzi Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST on Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

1.High Priest-Paradigm
2.High Priest-Offering
3.High Priest-Rain Whern I Die (Cover)
4.Black Smoke Trigger-Blindfolds & Rattlesanakes (Live)
5.Black Smoke Trigger-Caught In The Undertow (Live)
6.Black Smoke Trigger-The Way I'm Wired
7.Blackjack Mountain-Witch Of The Swamp
8.Blackjack Mountain-I Dont Mind
9.Blackjack Mountain- Red Eagle
10.Worshipper-Nobody Else (Live)
11.Worshipper-High Above The Clouds (Live)
12.Worshipper-Black Corridor (Live)
13.King Nountain-Dust In My Bed
14.King Mountain-Broken Law
15.King Mountain-The End Of The World
16.BUSHFIRE-The Conflict (Live)
17.BUSHFIRE-Shelter (Live)
18.BUSHFIRE-Zombi (Live)
19.The Heavy Eyes-Catfish Blues live
20.The Heavy Eyes-Supermoon
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