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This Will Change How You Think About Family | Amy Emmerich on Women of Impact

Dec. 19, 2018

Refinery29 Chief Content Officer, Amy Emmerich, sits down with Lisa to discuss why you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and how family priorities have changed over the years.


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Learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable [02:09]
How a homicide detective used affirmations and mindset to solve crimes [06:25]
Why getting to the root cause of our problems is the most efficient way to go about problem solving [08:46]
The importance of slowing down [10:49]
Why having a support system is essential [13:22]
How society is changing support of women [16:15]
How others' risks can inspire you [18:52]
Does the checklist guarantee happiness? [22:01]
How content impacts future generations [24:47]
Why Refinery29 tackles taboo topics [26:41]
The duality between femininity and masculinity [32:19]
How to "balance" work and motherhood [36:31]
Why nothing in life is easy [39:15]
Amy's superpower [42:40]



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