My Dear Queer

Episode 5 - All About that Bass / Nancy Boy

Sept. 17, 2018

Uno dos tres cuatro cinco cinco cinco...that’s right My Dears, Episode 5 is out. Join us this week as we have some cake and sissy that walk because we discuss body and femme shaming in the local gay community. We talk about preferences, body positivity and toxic masculinity. We also have a guest and friend sharing his coming out story, and we read a letter from his (not-tiger-at-all) mom. Plus a Taiwan radio host shares his story and explains his view on being out and open. Check out the links and make sure to listen, like, share, and rate us. Now on Spotify and iTunes as well. #mdq #MyDearQueer #LGBTIQ #bodyshaming #bodypositivity #femmeshaming #masculinity #comingout #daretomeetsomeone

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