Covid-19 is changing how designers think

July 13, 2020

With our first episode, we tackle the Covid-19 pandemic question directly: how has it affected designers and the work they do? Our episode explores the changing nature of work from a designer's perspective. We also examine what it means to design during a pandemic - and how our anxieties and concerns we have intersect with the responsibilities UX designers already have in making technology work better for us.

In this episode: 

At the height of the pandemic, UX researcher Doug Collins found himself working in a very strange new office. 

Erika Hall at Mule Design wonders if it's time to say goodbye to the "old way" of doing things. 

Deroy Peraza recalls what he's learned navigating his studio, Hyperakt, through previous crises, and how the outbreak can focus his priorities. 

Sarah Foster lost her design job in the crisis; she's taking stock of where to go from here. 

Kevin Twohy thinks this crisis will change the kinds of projects he's willing to do in the future. 

Designer Paola Mendoza-Yu is still trying to understand how her role as a designer can help drive change. 

Designer Jessica Gaddis explains why now is the time for designers to listen, not act.

Read the PDF transcript of this episode.

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