Balanced Black Girl

Are Your Routines Holding You Back? It Might Be Time to Shake Things Up

April 18, 2023

This week on our journey of Leveling Up, we’re talking about how to know when you need to let go of your routines and try something new.

I love my routines. They’ve helped me accomplish so many things my 23-year-old self dreamed of. But as much as they served me to get here, they aren’t helping me move to the next level. My routines don’t fit my new dreams, so I’m shaking things up!

Tune in to learn how your routines can hold you back when it’s time to refresh your habits and the small changes you can make to level up your life.

I also talk about…

  • Developing the skills that prepare you for the life you want
  • Why I’m releasing routines, even though I’m a routine-oriented person
  • Doing a life audit to evaluate if your routines are serving you
  • Small changes that help you get out of a rut
  • The power of decluttering
  • Why change is an opportunity for so much more
  • The financial outcomes of our habits
  • The importance of support for building momentum when you’re getting out of a rut



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