The Primal Project Podcast

Episode 16 - Rebeccah Hazelkorn

Jan. 1, 2019

Rebecca Hazelkorn is a Senior Biologist in the Stranding Investigations program at Mote Marine Laboratory. She has a Master’s of Science in Marine Science with a focus on Marine Mammalogy from Savannah State University. We dicussed Red Tide, animal wellfare and Plastic Straws. She is so knowledgeable and was a pleasure to talk to.



This really sucks article

To report any dead, or injured/distressed marine mammals or sea turtles call (941)988-0212

Things to look for in distressed Manatee’s - Manatees cause people a lot of confusion, but we look for non-buoyancy, level in the water column, and non-rapid breathing rates primarily to make sure they are okay

Hawksbill turtles

Pacific Garbage Patch

Boyan Slat





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