Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess

138: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 5 & 6 (Her Dog is Drunk)

April 7, 2020

Broads, Broads, Broads - it is time to start doubling up on these LIB recaps and, wow, there is A LOT to cover a lot as the episodes continue to get crazier. The Broads spend the first half discussing episode 5 which had some major highlights BUT OH GOD BUT The Broads spend the second half discussing episode 6 which was WILD. There are many laughing fits during this episode - prepare yourselves, #broadsquad.  ***Reminder: we are watching this show episode by episode as we recap - though the show has been out for a long time, we do not know how anything ends so please no *SPOILERS*. Theses are our in real time takes:) *COMING UP THURSDAY APRIL 9th: LOVE IS BLIND EP 7,8,&9 RECAP INSTAGRAM: Chatty Broads: @chattybroads Bekah: @bekah Jess: @thebaddmom  THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  *** ARTICLE: GET $50 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE OF $100 OR MORE AT ARTICLE.COM/CHATTY ( *** YOGASLEEP: GO TO YOGASLEEP.COM/CHATTY ( TO SAVE AN EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF A SOUND MACHINE FOR NATURAL SLEEP FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. *** FAB FIT FUN: Use coupon code "CHATTY" for $10 off your first box at ( #fabfitfunpartner neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.