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Season 1: Fall of the Shah A tale of power, betrayal and fear. Taking you back to the 1970s, when the Iranian Revolution would change the world forever. A nine-part drama.

Season 2: Fukushima A tsunami hits the Japanese nuclear plant. The disaster told in a seven-part drama. As the energy company and politicians in Tokyo lose control, the reactors become unstable and a “suicide squad” of older workers is sent inside. This drama follows the heroes who fight to contain the disaster and those whose mistakes led Japan to catastrophe. Years later, some seek atonement.

Fukushima Cast: Suto: Togo Igawa Akiko: Ami Okumura Jones Yoshida: Eiji Mahara Saito: Sadao Ueda Ito: Matt McCooey Shimada: Akira Koieyama Narrator: Romola Garai Reporter: Kevin Shen Reporter: Naoko Mori Worker: Nino Furuhata Written by Adrian Penketh Sound design is by Peter Ringrose Produced by Toby Swift and Sasha Yevtushenko Commissioned by Simon Pitts for BBC World Service.

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