This Is Where The Magick Happens

Ep 72 - Ex Hex Machina

June 17, 2020

Learn about Shadow Work and how to make magick during Litha (aka Summer Solstice). Angela unconsciously goes full Midsommer on all those who wronged her. Ryan points out how this could complicate her next lifetime. Angela shares powerful, everyday herbs everyone should be working with. Ryan discovers a magickal herb to help him communicate with fellow lizard brains—one you can find at the grocery store! Are wild creatures bringing warnings about your finances? Is delighting in the demise of your enemies the ultimate Shadow Work? Is JK Rowling equal parts amazing channel and crappy human? Are you a tennis ball on fire looking for a waterfall? Whatever you are, you need to be as kind and patient with yourself as you would be with your best friend. But eff those fools who wronged you.

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