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ERG's are one of the key carriers of culture, Zephaniah Chukwudum, Business Manager to CEO at Microsoft UK

May 26, 2022

Today Leila is talking to Zephaniah Chukwudum, Business Manager to CEO at Microsoft UK


  • Zephaniah's personal experiences of culture and racism
  • the power of allyship, from school age
  • the D&I journey at Microsoft and the evolution of their ERG's
  • What does culture mean? What 'normal' values define the meaning of culture and what are the actual lived experiences?
  • How being black can be weaponised and make you feel disadvantaged within the corporate world
  • Why are ERG's and representation not only important now, but for future generations and what can we learn from them
  • All good things take time and effort, you can't run an ERG without time and effort but it's a growth process. You have to prove to others that there is something worthwhile joining in with. Be consistent and show up so people see you. Pick 1 or 2 simple things and start there, don't try to do it all immediately. Choose 1 or 2 things and do them well. 


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