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Harnessing Honesty and Resilience: A Conversation with Jon Dutton, CEO at British Cycling

Nov. 9, 2023

Prepare for an insightful conversation with Jon Dutton, the man behind British Cycling.  With his career spanning over 28 years in the sports field, Jon has taken the reins of leadership at illustrious events like the PGA, Rugby League World Cup 2021, and now, British Cycling. We dive into his journey, the power of resilience, the importance of a diverse and supportive culture within an organization, and how to navigate the challenges our complex world throws at us.

The sports field is not just about games and records; it's also a mirror reflecting societal issues. Underneath the glitz and glamour, sports have been impacted by the weaponization of racism, misogyny, and homophobia. Jon shares his unique insights on how these issues have filtered into the sports world, the role of media in combating these inequalities, and the value of role models in our society. We also discuss the constant evolution of culture and the changing expectations of younger generations in our increasingly digitized world.

Wrapping up our conversation, we delve into a personal reflection on leadership, purpose, and the importance of a strong support system. Jon shares his thoughts on the power of honesty and resilience, and how his support system has been instrumental in his successful career. We also discuss the social impact of sports, its role in building better communities, and driving engagement. If you're passionate about sports, social equality, or just an avid follower of Jon's work, this episode is an absolute must-listen.

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