The Blatino Podcast

Episode 4 (I Don't Like it When My Friends Cry!)

April 3, 2019

Mental health has been an important topic over the past few years. Can't really say where the phrase "mental health" started (I personally first heard it from Joe Budden), but it's the best way to describe all the turmoil that goes on in our head day by day. Us as humans tend overthink everything due to society's methonds and constraints. We feel the need to have a house before we're 30, have a career straight out of college, get married and have kids at 25 and much more. Not meeting these standards and other similar goals can cause us to stress and make us feel inadequate, which can lead to things such as depression, anxiety, and animosity. In this Episode, we cover all things that contribute to affecting our mental health. Malc and myself share our agonizing experiences from living to what "men" are suppose to be in society alongside Stephanies mini-therapy session as she shares with us and our listeners what has been going on with her that causes her stress. Don't think this episode is over or we stopped when the going gets good! Knowing this is an important topic to people of color, we wlll be back next week with Part 2. Make sure yall subscribe and give us a like wherever yall can. Enjoy!

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