The Blatino Podcast

We Took A Vacation 'Cause The Country Was Trippin'

Nov. 17, 2020

Oh Look! It's The Gang!

Riaga here again with the summary. I'll try and make this one a little more meaningful even though I've been up for 24 hours again (I need therapy and a doctor).

After 4 weeks of vacate from The Blatino Podcast, we're finally back with a new episode. We missed one week due to the weather, the other 2 weeks because of scheduling (We wanted everyone to be involved in the episode after missing the 2nd week), and last week was the week of election day so we knew y'all ain't give a fuck about us Lmao So instead, we waited everything out to give yall content!

On this weeks episode, we basically just caught up with each other and expressed ourselves about our individual ventures and how we're moving forward with our new president (Felicidades Joe Biden & Kamala Harris!). Stephanie talks about her singing journey with her new found success and overcoming challenges with her past in music. Riaga (Yes, I'm referring to myself in 3rd Person) gives an in-depth breakdown with his timely recent EP "This Is Important". And last but not least, Lance expresses himself about the election taking place and sets the standard on where The Blatino Podcast lies with our ethics and morals in this current climate.

Also, Lance got us a new intern! It's our pleasure to present to our audience the amazing ally we've longed for from so many people, Mr. Else! Twas more than a pleasure to sit down and get to know him on and off air with such amazing discussion. He's invited to the cookout and the carne asada y'all Lol

Enjoy this episode!

Pray we don't have some other random occurrences happen to us again Lol


SN: I apologize for saying Mr. Else is from Alabama at the end there. He's actually from Louisiana, and I think that's why Steph started cracking up a little bit before the episode ended. Bro doesn't deserve that from me and I'll do better. Scouts honor (Enter Emoji Here)

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