The Blatino Podcast

TBP Is Most Likely To...

Jan. 5, 2021


We are super stoked for 2021 and all the abundance, blessings, and successes that it will bring. Instead of taking the time to speak about our goals and such, we did something a bit different at the pod this time. I brought in a game called “Who's Most Likely To” which is very similar to Cards Against Humanity! Concept of the game is to vote who is most likely to do/say/act what is on the card. Example: who's most likely to fart and not say anything” *we said Lance would The team got to know each other a bit more playing this game and TRUST me. You'll be wheeze laughing as hard as I was! Guess who owns 7 sex toys? Also just GUESS who's most likely to refer to themselves in 3rd person. What about who's most likely to hit in a Disney character at Disneyland? The list goes on and on. We hope you enjoy and we are planning on doing these game episodes once a month on The Blatino Podcast! Let us know in the comments what game we should play next. As always, share with your friends, both classy and ratchet ayeeee, download, subscribe, give it that 5 start rating etc etc. PS: new year, same platform. Let us know what you want to hear on the podcast this year! Brought to you by TUTV! See y'all next week -Steph *Link For Game Here! : neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.