Doxas Dialos - A Worship Podcast

Episode 004 - Worship In The Emerging Church

May 1, 2006

This week Jeff, Jon, and Dave have their friend Vince come on the show to explain a new Worship style/ Church style called the Emerging Church. Shout outs go to Michael W. Smith (the one and only), the amazingly talented Tim Hughes, Pastor Chris from North Carolina, the increasingly popular Mute Math, and local friends Selah Vie. This weeks featured artist is a young guy from San Diego, Phil Wickham.

"The whole Reformation that happened (through) Martin Luther only went half way. Because he talked about reforming Theology but not about the Practice of the Church."
-Vince Donachie

Phil Wickham, a Worship artist (click here)
Background info on the Emerging Church (click here)
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