anything goes with emma chamberlain

i tried a dopamine “detox”

May 14, 2023

about a week ago, i had the realization that i had fallen into some bad habits. i'd been scrolling on social media a little bit too much, online shopping a little bit too much, ordering food delivery a little bit too much, and more. my brain felt cloudy. i felt anxious. i felt kind of depressed. i didn't feel as creative or as focused as i knew i could be. and i really make an effort in my life to have a healthy balance with modern convenience and entertainment, because i know how addictive these things are and how toxic they can be. but when i had this realization a week ago, i had the desire to take drastic measures. i decided i was going to do a dopamine detox. if you haven't heard of a dopamine detox, i'll explain it. and i will say this challenge, as minor as it may seem, was really eye-opening for me. it was challenging, but it was very rewarding. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.