Waste Not WHY Not

32. Nature of Nature: Dr. Enric Sala (National Geographic explorer-in-residence)

Aug. 26, 2020

Nature N8 speaks with Dr. Enric Sala about his new book: "The Nature of Nature - Why We Need the Wild", which lays out precisely how we are integrated in this planet’s wondrous and irreplaceable ecosystem. Dr. Enric Sala was a professor at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, now working full time in conservation as a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. The Nature of Nature synthesizes his decades of research on ecology, and provides an accessible introduction for people who want to learn more about our natural world. 

In this conversation, N8 and Dr. Sala talk about hope in marine protected areas, swimming with sharks in California, and the marvelous message of the Church of Plankton. 

You’ve heard about this. Bees are dying. And we’re gonna go down with them. But maybe you haven’t heard that life in the ocean is just as crucial for human survival as those on land. 

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