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55. EV dirt bikes, supercars, space: Azizi Tucker (Graft EV)

May 15, 2022

From building dirt bikes to supercars, to something that may or may not be on Mars right now, Azizi Tucker has done it all. Being environmentally conscious has been a theme of his career, but his real focus? It’s been about making better products. But his products have a side effect of massively reducing pollution.

Azizi Tucker is a tinkerer, racer, engineer, and entrepreneur. Tucker raced mountain bikes competitively as a youth in California, worked on secret projects while at NASA, and was one of the first 100 employees at Tesla and had a heavy hand in figuring out its supply chain right here in Asia.

That's when Tucker realized that Taiwan was the perfect place for manufacturing and R&D. Since then, he's co-founded an EV company in Taiwan making electric supercars and solving electrification for the world's commercial and industrial vehicles. He's now founder of Graft EV where he will now make electric recreational vehicles right here in Taiwan. That’s dirt bikes, ATV, maybe your snowmobile in the future.

Today, we find out just how diverse the field of electric vehicles is, and see an example of how Azizi’s continued to learn, and innovate, and make fast breakthroughs.

Graft EV - http://www.graft-ev.com

** Today’s episode is sponsored by American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) - who has a focus on climate-related initiatives. Check out our full-length bonus video interview with Lee Carnell, facilities manager at AIT who takes care of its new campus, a LEED Silver certified green building.

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5PPlzYFa78&list=PLZzATvbhwVo_a0vn1oydVOXDzoccyaECY&index=2 **

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