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60. N8 Take: Everything on Fire Everywhere (But we still have books)

Aug. 17, 2022

The climate crisis came into full view this summer as countries across Europe experienced record-high temperatures in July. In the UK, a train track caught on fire, and an airport runway melted. In France, they called it a “heat apocalypse.”

But while Europe is trying to deal with 40-47 degree celsius weather, we need to remember that things have been bad for a long time now. In 2016, parts of India reached 51C degrees celsius. The climate crisis affects everyone on this planet, but why do we pay attention only to some countries, and not others?

Most of our infrastructures just weren’t built for this new climate, and the climate policy sphere, we refer to this as adaptation. Adaptation is where countries, companies, institutions adapt to new levels of warming from our warming planet.

We need to ask some important questions as well. How long will these events last? Where will they be? And what do these countries need to do or need to survive them?

Today, N8 has a list of climate resources he recommends:

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