Better Left Podcast

Full: Elect Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council District 2

July 25, 2019

Here's the full, unedited interview with Seattle City Council candidate Tammy Morales, running in District 2. We talk DSA, concentration camps, municipal broadband, chonky animals, rent control and more. We were impressed with what she had to say, her experience, her passion for the people in District 2, and most of all? Her understanding of our problems and how we can solve them by working together.

We do not interrupt this episode with any late-breaking news, just because someone who's got a name that rhymes with Merkin decided to cause a stir with shenanigans so badly crafted, it's just hair-raising. It's not even worth mentioning, to be honest. Listen to Tammy yourself, and make an educated decision based on her actual qualifications, her history of honorable discourse, and her honesty - she's worth the time.


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