Does The BBC Get Its Trump Coverage Right?

Sept. 7, 2023

How do we cover a headline-grabbing former president who falsely claims he never lost the election?

Two of our bosses step into the worldwide HQ of Americast for the kind of conversation we normally have in our morning meetings: what past mistakes can we learn from and what’s the BBC’s strategy for reporting on Donald Trump’s campaign and his court cases?

HOSTS: • Justin Webb, Radio 4 presenter • Sarah Smith, North America editor • Marianna Spring, disinformation and social media correspondent

GUESTS: • Paul Danahar, BBC News Foreign Editor • Adam Levy, BBC News Channel Executive Producer

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This episode was made by Daniel Wittenberg, with Rufus Gray, Catherine Fusillo and Hayley Clarke. The technical producer was Emma Crowe and the editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.

BBC SOUNDS CHAPTERS: 7:14 – Is Trump a special case? 21:59 – Does the BBC have a liberal bias? 28:33 – Should we show Trump's speeches live? 33:58 – How will the BBC cover the 2024 election? neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.