The Woo Woo Experience

Tarot Cards with Jenna Clinton

Aug. 7, 2019

What do you think of when you hear Tarot Card Reader? A fortune teller around a crystal ball ready to tell you about your future partner and when you’ll die? Surprise! Not even close. Tarot Cards were created in the late 14th century in Europe. They are tools used to connect to your higher self and source to guide you to make your decisions for yourself. Listen to Jenna’s journey from not being in tune with herself to using these cards to change her decision making skills as well as gaining her own Tarot clientele.  Follow her @betavulgariz   Follow @thewoowooexperience on Instagram.   Produced by @shelbymymko   Music by Zara Larrson.   Email with comments or suggestions for future guests at [email protected]

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