Elite Performance Team Podcast

Podcast #4 BioHacking Recovery from Training

Aug. 6, 2019

We discuss the various biohacking tools that we utilize at home and in the office to speed up our recovery from hard training days on the bike and out on the road running.

We discuss the following technologies:

1. Normatec Compression Boots

2. PEMF Mat (Pulsed Electric Magnetic Fields)

3. Power Plate, Whole Body Vibration

4. LiveO2, (EWOT: Exercise With Oxygen Therapy)

5. Compression Socks/Gear

6. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

7. Class 4 Deep tissue Laser Therapy

We produced the entire podcast while bearing Normatec Compression Boots. In fact we decided to produce most of our future podcast while wearing the Normatec Compression Boots.

A videocast was also produced and is available on our youtube page: Elite Performance Team

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