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The Download // Fixed Income

Nov. 1, 2019

The Download is a deep dive into trends shaping technology today, from capital markets to cutting-edge software.

For this month’s discussion, we’re joined by two players in the fixed income market. We ask how firms are searching for the positive in the negative yield.

The first is Mark Watters, who after 17 years at Bloomberg is now Chief Commercial Officer at AxeTrading, a fixed income eTrading technology company.

Then there's Chris White, founder and CEO of ViableMkts & BondCliQ. ViableMkts delivers unparalleled strategic guidance to institutions focused on innovation and financial markets. BondCliQ is the first central market system for the corporate bond market.

Chris gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look of his bi-annual event in New York, whilst Mark shares how Axe Trading have just been named Fixed Income Trading System of the Year by FOW.

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