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Nov. 25, 2019

As part of our ‘Disrupt & Advance’ series, in this ‘The Download’ special episode we are joined by a range of firms who are advancing careers in tech through accessibility and innovation – narrowing the skills gap to progress. 

We were joined at Soho Studios in London by firms who flew in from around the globe from New York, Porto and Dublin. This discussion centred around how workforces are thriving and innovating through a diverse mix of people, with unique backgrounds and experiences, to shape a future of shared success.

Shilpa Shah is the programme Director for Deloitte Delivery and Large Scale Implementations, with over 20 years’ experience consulting on Technology for Deloitte. She is a Women in Technology Leader who broadens diverse participation in the technology workforce. Shilpa talks about the initiatives she is involved with and how Deloitte champion diversity. 

Jim Cassidy is CEO at Code Institute, he shares the importance of bridging the tech skills and productivity gap between developers and non-technical professionals. He explains why it's a necessity to get on board with tech upskilling in the age of digital transformation.

Stephen Murphy has held senior business & “C-level” positions at investment banks including Goldman Sachs, HSBC and more. He is now the CEO of Genesis Global Technology, a global capital markets software company who are empowering the modern “Citizen” Developer. 

Hugo Valente is a Solution Architect and Tech Product Owner at Staful. He explains how his customizable monitoring platform can be adopted by newly skilled employees. 

Padraic Geraghty, Senior Market Advisor also joins the conversation with how Enterprise Ireland are driving diversity across their organisation. 

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