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Campfire // Women In Tech

March 17, 2020

Radio ditto presents Campfire, where we talk to inspiring folk from the worlds
of tech, art and culture. Our ‘Women in tech’ episode is a special edition as
part of a celebration for International Women’s Day 2020. We spoke to a panel
of challengers who champion diversity in the workplace, including Tasha
Chouhan - Head of Business Development for Banking Services at Starling
Bank, Jennifer Steele - Senior Product Developer at Genesis Global Technology
and Shilpa Shah, Alternate Delivery Model Leader and Women in Technology
Leader at Deloitte.
Currently less than 20% of the 1.4 Million people in the E.U studying tech are
women, whilst only around 15% of employees working in STEM roles in the UK
are female. We wanted to find out why, and more importantly what the
industry is doing to develop accessible, diverse and inclusive careers for all.
This podcast is an open and honest discussion about the importance of
diversity within workforces, why tech firms at all levels of maturation need to
ensure a rich mix of employees and how different lifestyles can be modelled
into successful working environments. The challengers give inspirational
stories behind their own careers in tech, also sharing exciting projects and
initiatives to get involved in - positively impacting the future of people and
firms in the tech industry.
We hope you enjoyed the episode. Don’t forget to connect with our guests on
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