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Meet the Marketeers 01 // Matt Pyke talks SEO

July 6, 2020

This episode we chat about SEO with Matt Pyke from Fly High Media - plus news and insight from the only marketing podcast on the internet.

The News

  • 3:44 - HBOMax is a branding disaster
  • 9:98 - Nivea create their own Marketing Agency to drive personalisation
  • 16:59 - Why using the wrong kind of personalisation is costing B2B brands sales

Deep-Dive on SEO

  • 22:18 - The Business Case for SEO
  • 30:58 - Running an SEO Audit
  • 36:17 - Optimising Conversion Rate 
  • 40:18 - Tools and 5 Actionable Steps

  • 44:40 - Listener Questions

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