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Meet the Marketeers 03 // Sam Shrager talks LinkedIn and Community Building

Aug. 6, 2020

This episode we chat about Community Building and LinkedIn with Sam Shrager from BCB Group - plus news and insight from the only marketing podcast on the internet.

The News
2:37 - How lockdown is accelerating the at-home adoption of Spotify 
15:24 - Don’t expect a slogan to make your brand famous 

Deep-Dive on Community Building and LinkedIn
24:58 - Sam’s history with community building 
30:10 - How do you sell community-building internally when it can be a long process before seeing rewards? 
32:26 - Where has been your most successful use of community Building as a channel 
34:14 - Where do marketing teams start? 
37:50 - What are some pitfalls to avoid? 
39:46 - Are there any techniques you’ve seen than can fast-track a group of followers or brand champions? 
42:11 - Actionable steps marketers could take today to improve their community building. 
44:39 - When you joined BCB Group, or any of your current organisations, where did you start? What were the first few marketing strategies you tackled? 
46:01 - What is a fool-proof strategy that has worked for you in a number of different organisations? 
46:29 - You have a huge amount of experience - how has Marketing changed over the years since the start of your career? 
48:10 - What’s the next big trend in B2B or Tech marketing in your opinion?

Listener Question
51:47 - When it comes to content production, is it better to churn out content or be more considered with a strategy?

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