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Meet the Marketeers 04 // Taylar Wong talks Design for Augmented Reality

Aug. 12, 2020

This episode we chat about Graphic Design for Augmented Reality with Taylar Wong from Byte and for the first time we are joined by ditto Head of Design Jess Black - plus news and insight from the only marketing podcast on the internet.

The News
1:22 - Brand collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs 
8:22 - A Climate Change Promise from Apple

Deep-Dive on Graphic Design for Augmented Reality
15:15 - Turning down a job at a massive agency 
17:37 - First impressions of agency life and work 
21:55 - The Trainline campaign 
26:38 - Day to day life as a Graphic Designer at Byte 
28:30 - Example of augmented reality that you’ve used yourself 
30:58 - Byte as a Snapchat Lens Studio partner 
34:27 – A simple automation you use regularly, that has been super effective 

Listener Question
47:24 - If you had unlimited marketing budget/headcount, how would you organise your marketing team?

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