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Meet the Marketeers 06 // Zoe Nauman talks Improving your Copywriting

Aug. 27, 2020

On episode 6 of the Meet The Marketeers podcast we chat about Improving your Copywriting with Zoe Nauman from Media Content Guru - plus news and insight from the only marketing podcast on the internet. 

The News
2:00 - Copywriting is a silly job 
10:24 - Written, Audio, or Visual: What Type of Content Should Your Business Create? 

Deep-Dive on Improving your Copywriting
20:36 - Working as a journalist for over 20 years 
27:04 - Telling your personal story uniquely to sell your business 
30:25 - Actionable steps to improve your copywriting 
32:36 - A #contentmarketing strategy that trumps all others 
36:12 - Optimise your website copy 
37:54 - Tips for improving #emailmarketing copy 
42:13 - How to have fabulous Facebook posts and copy for digital marketing campaigns 
45:57 - Zoes’s time as Deputy Editor of Daily Mail showbiz? 

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