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Meet the Marketeers 07 // Amanda Wynne Evans talks Post-Lockdown Marketing Strategy

Sept. 10, 2020

On ep. 7 of the  Meet The Marketeers podcast, we chat about Post-Lockdown Marketing Strategy with Amanda Wynne Evans of Wynne Marketing- plus news and insight from the only marketing podcast on the internet.

The News
1:43 - B2B companies need an ‘injection of marketing mentality’ in the boardroom 
13:54 - The Content Crisis: How to Make Digital Your Difference 

Deep-Dive on Strategy and Planning
36:20 – A strategy vs. a plan 
40:10 - What are some of the issues businesses are having in the current climate? 
42:50 - The WHY and Defining your aims 
47:04 - The WHAT and clarifying your strategy 
50:22 - The WHEN and Seasonality 
58:40 - The WHERE – choosing media & the marketing mix 
1:06:12 - What Goals should businesses have by year-end? 

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