Breakfast in the Ruins

The Winds of Gath (EC Tubb) - an Old Pier Bookshop Special

July 19, 2022

Phil returns to Derry & Toms as we visit Morecambe's (and perhaps the world's) premier second hand book vendor to select a candidate for the first ever Old Pier Bookshop Special. We choose, or rather are chosen by, The Winds of Gath by EC Tubb - first in a 33  book series spanning three decades that charts the adventures of Earl Dumarest of Terra. In honour of old school SF we drink old school beers. Well, I do. Phil drinks fancy wine. But we meet in the middle when the mysterious books of booze box appears for the first time in D&Ts. JOIN US! Our banner art and logo is by Simon Perrins. Follow him on Twitter and check out his store. Chapter 13 of The Journal of Gerard Arthur Connelly was scored by N Λ N D. Listen to BITR Breakfast in the Ruins Radio on Radio Garden. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.