情形于声 The Faint Field Recording

疫情期間怎樣拿外賣?How to take your takeaway on lockdown?

Sept. 17, 2020



外賣快遞都有,肯德基麥當勞CoCo一點點美團宅急送百事順豐天天極兔申通全都齊活。一箇小細節:念編號,比如 131,一般同學都是「一三一」,不過快遞員都念成「一百三十一」,可能是爲了清楚?快遞員著實不容易,一箇大叔送了八次,最後還是得罵著放門邊。一箇小哥腳腫了,還是得送。


During the epidemic, the university is half closed and people outside are not allowed to enter the campus. So everyone has to go to the gate to get their takeaway through the big iron gate. The small one can be passed through from below, and the large one must be thrown from above. There is no electric bicycle running through the campus, just like when I first went to college. But it seems that the work of couriers hasn't been reduced much. Maybe it's faster for them to ride inside than the students walk slowly to the gate.

There are takeaway and express delivery. KFC, McDonald's, CoCo, Yidiandian, Meituan, Home Delivery, Baishi, SF, Tiantian, jitu, Shentong…Everything's here. One small detail: When reciting the serial number, such as 131, most students say "one three one", but the couriers say "one hundred and thirty-one". Maybe it is for clarity? The couriers are really hard. An uncle delivered it eight times, and finally had to curse and leave it by the door. Another courier had swollen feet and still had to deliver it.

Talk about editing. This is my first three-channel recording. Two omni microphones are set as the left and right channels, and the short gun is used as the middle channel, aiming at the subject that you want to highlight. Still as before, after the first rough processing, put it into the multitrack editor, and then keep adjusting. In the final output, I found that no matter what to do, it can only output two channels. It's terrible. It means the third channel has no use. After thinking for a while, I overturn it and restart. Firstly, I separated the three channels of the source files, and then dragged the same channel of all files to the multi-track editor, occupying one track for each channel. When editing, three tracks are selected simultaneously. Then merge each track and edited separately to adjust details and deal with noise. Finally merge into two channels.


- 我的媽呀,系統給你派送了新任務,快點行動吧,注意安全喔。

- (汽車轟鳴而過)

- 0656!0805有沒有!極兔的快遞有嗎?

- ——17103,17113。——103還是113?——123。——123?

- 7033,8235,3197。

- 4007是吧。

- 我們今天不按電話號了,電話號找的太麻煩。

- 2736!5166!5166有嗎?

- 有一點點嗎?這拿不進去啊。這⋯⋯這⋯⋯我的腰啊。

- 接住了啊。

- 喔嚄,天哪。

- 是肯德基嗎?一箇桶,三箇嫩牛。嫩牛在裏邊?

- 喔靠!裏邊是箇箱子啊叔叔,你別給我弄壞了。

- 美女麻煩你幫我放在窗臺上行嗎?風吹不下來吧?來美女幫我把這箇也放那。

- ——我打了十一徧電話了。——我就打了一箇。——那就行,我怕耽誤你。

- 沒有啊?沒有我走了啊。

- 弄一箇研究一箇什麼APP,專門送大學的。

- 您自己分一下,我這來不及了。你得分開一箇一箇遞過去。

- 爲了這一箇餐我tm來了八回了!我來八回了那箇餐!不是,已經來不及了,我這還有好多餐呢!不是,太tm操蛋了。

- 他不想幹快遞員,但有箇過渡期吧,十天半箇月過渡期。

- 來,同學幫我接著放在臺階上吧,我腳腫了。


- My god, the system has sent you a new task, hurry up and be safe.

- (The car roars past)

- 0656! Is there 0805? Is there any express delivery from Jitu?

- ——17103, 17113. ——103 or 113? ——123. ——123?

- 7033, 8235, 3197.

- 4007, right?

- We don't use the phone number today. Finding the phone number is too troublesome.

- 2736! 5166! Is there 5166?

- Yidiandian? I can't take it in. Emm...eh...my waist.

- I caught it.

- Oh my goodness.

- Is it KFC? One bucket, three hamburgers. Is the hamburger inside?

- Oops! A box inside, uncle, don't break it.

- Beauty, can you help me put it upon the windowsill? Can the wind blow it down?

- ——I have called eleven times. ——I just called once. ——That's fine, I'm afraid to delay you.

- Nobody? Or I'll go.

- They should develop an app for university students.

- You divide it yourself, it's too late for me. You can pass them one by one.

- I've come here eight times for the deal! No, it's too late, I still have a lot of deals! No, holy shit!

- He doesn't want to be a courier, but there is a transition period, ten days and a half months.

- Hey, can you help me put it on the steps, my feet are swollen.

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