Decision Points

The Countdown to the 1967 War: From Embattled Siege to Military Breakthrough

Nov. 20, 2019

This episode discusses the Johnson administration’s policy in the weeks leading up to the 1967 Six Day War. As that conflict drew near, two Israeli missions to the United States, led by Abba Eban and Meir Amit, encountered the same official focus on Vietnam, yet produced different results by asking different questions. In that sense, 1967 was a major turning point not only in Israel’s history, but also in the history of the U.S.-Israel relationship.


Host David Makovsky discusses this major decision point with William Quandt, who served with the National Security Council during the Nixon and Carter administrations and took part in the U.S. negotiating team for the Camp David Accords and Egypt-Israel peace treaty in the late 1970s. A longtime professor at the University of Virginia, he has authored several books on U.S. Middle East policy, including Decade of Decision: American Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967-76.

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