Cars That Matter

26 - Christophe Georges and Bentley Americas

Aug. 10, 2020

After introducing Christophe, the men discuss Christophe's time with Bentley Americas, specifically the launch of the Continental GT (1:13) before deep-diving into the inspiration and history of the car and how it led to the New Continental GT and some of Bentley's technical features (3:53). Then Robert encourages Christophe to discuss Bentley's New Flying Spur and how it directly effected their plans for their model lineup (7:04) including their new Bentayga and the criticisms the luxury SUV initially faced (11:25), which leads to Christophe's explanation of Authenticity as a driving force at Bentley (14:34). Then Robert winds the clock back to discuss how Bentley made it through the 70s-90s when the market was as unfavorable to luxury sedans (16:09). 

After a short break, Robert dives into the loyalty of not only Bentley owners, but the artisans who create these automobiles (18:12). Then Robert steers the conversation to the topic of Mulliner (20:57), then what the 'new normal' looks like for Bentley (23:46), the special relationship between the American consumer and Bentley (26:12), and the new technologies on the horizon for the marque (27:14). Finally, Robert digs deeper into Christophe's personal history with cars--and motorcycles (30:37).

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