Cars That Matter

35 - Jack Roush Jr. and Roush Performance

Oct. 12, 2020

Robert kicks things off after some introductions by asking Jack to detail his family history with racing and cars (1:12), then Jack explains how he approaches and prepares for a race (4:05), before explaining the recently launched Roush iRacing League (5:16). Then, Jack shares his proudest racing moment (8:36). 

After a short break, Jack explains the company origins and the services that Roush Performance provides (10:41), Robert asks Jack to give a peak into the research and development processes of Roush Performance (14:00), and Jack goes over the current offerings available through the company (16:55) and considers the future of performance vehicles with new technologies being created every day (20:59). Then Robert asks Jack about the intersection between performance and luxury (23:00), his advice on the industry (25:10), and his own personal tastes in cars (26:49).

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