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47 - Don The Snake Prudhomme and Elana Scherr

Jan. 11, 2021

After an introduction, Robert dives in to uncover the impetus for the book (2:02) before jumping into the advice that truly set Don on his path to become an automotive icon and his early life in the San Fernando Valley (3:44). Then Don shares the origins of his nickname "The Snake" and his rival and friend's, Tom McEwen, "The Mongoose" (6:30). Then Robert asks Don to share the notable people who got him where he is today (8:28) before pivoting to talk about 'the most important drag racing car in history, the Greer Black Prudhomme Dragster (9:41). Then Don talks about the intense focus needed for a race and how it led him to retire (12:19) and how discovering his past change Don's perspective on life (14:42).

After a short break, Elana encourages Don to 'take us through a run' (18:01), then Elana shares how she and Don became friends and how that informed the creation of their book (23:05). Finally, Don gives some insight on what kept him going in the hard times (29:11) and Elana explains how her approach to Don's biography was unique (32:06).

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