Play With It Podcast

Episode 3: A Greener Hasbro, Dune, The 7th Continent, Escape the Dark Sector

Nov. 18, 2019

New and improved show format!! This time around, we are going with a segmented format so that we can cover more ground in each episode. If we don’t make rules for ourselves, we will end up with a nine hour podcast on Kingdom Death: Monster or my love for Batman and that wouldn’t be fun. This time around, we talk toy news and cover Hasbro’s announcement regarding reducing their usage of plastics in their packaging. A noble effort that we support but will probably prove to be a challenge with some possible neat solutions- they should put us on the payroll for all of our awesome ideas. We also cover some new and upcoming toy releases such as the Marvel Legends Storm figure in her sweet iconic white costume and killer retro cardback. We also look forward to next year’s MAFEX Batman figures from Jim Lee’s HUSH series and the legendary Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. They look killer and we can’t wait to get ahold of them. As for board games, we talk about the rerelease of the Dune board game which has a cult following and this edition by Gale Force 9 has some great contemporary artwork and some updates that should really make a game night to remember. NOTE: this was recorded prior to release of the game so we had less information to work with at that time so keep that in mind. Additionally, we talk about The 7th Continent, a game by Serious Poulp based in France, coming to retail and our bittersweet reaction to this news and our excitement for Themeborne’s recently successful Kickstarter campaign for Escape the Dark Sector. This sophomore release builds on the feel and mechanics of Escape the Dark Castle and adds more depth while keeping the retro "choose your own adventure" spirit that we love. We want to thank you all for listening and really feel like we have hit on something with this new segmented format. We may have spotlight episodes for things we just can’t shut up about, but we think this will be the wave of the future for us. Feel free to email us at [email protected] and tell us what you think and what games or toys you are most looking forward to as well. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.