Play With It Podcast

Episode 6: McFarlane Toys, Grendha, Return to Dark Tower, and Beyond the Monolith

Jan. 23, 2020

Hey everyone! This episode it PACKED with stuff and it is extra long as a result. 30% more for free! We have a little bit of Toy News and a bunch of board game news from current Kickstarter campaigns recently launched. We even debut our new jingle I made for our Kickstarter board game news segment after Noah constantly hounded me about it. Lets get into it shall we: We start with talking about McFarlane Toys dropping their new DC Comics Multiverse figures this month and our hot takes on them ( spoiler alert- I like them a lot!). As for the board game news, we cover three recent Kickstarter campaigns that we can't wait to talk about for various reasons. The first game we cover is Grendha: Search for Lost Triumphs by Doptale Interactive. This is their first board game and you can tell they are putting a lot of work into this launch with their pre-launch website and their social media presence. This is a small company and we want to support independent designers and companies when we can. The second game we discuss is Return to Dark Tower by Restoration games. Isaac Childres and Rob Daviau team up to make this epic fantasy game where the players work together to defeat and giant, bluetooth app-enabled tower! Lastly, we talk about the saga that was Beyond the Monolith, the recently cancelled project by Monolith games, the company that brought us Conan and Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. These guys designed a whole new board game system and were met with several challenges that ultimately resulted in the cancellation. Noah unpacks the whole series of events for everyone. We want to thank everyone for listening- we have been getting some really great feedback and want you to reach out if you have any feedback for us. [email protected] Don't forget to play with it neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.