Play With It Podcast

Episode 11: Pokemon Battle Academy, D&D Adventure Begins, SDCC, Power-Con

Aug. 26, 2020

Welcome to Episode 11 of Play With It Podcast! On this episode, we cover a lot of ground. First, we talk about some new and upcoming games that are really cool entries into some of the most popular gaming properties. We talk about the new Pokemon Battle Academy board game that brings the trading card game into a more controlled environment in a board game format. Next, we chat about the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins game that is a great starting point for people interested in dabbling into the D&D world. The cool part about it is that it passes the role of Dungeon Master each turn to the different players. Seems like a great option for family game night or a drunken evening with gang. Thanks to the pandemic, all cool events have been cancelled but it didn't stop toy companies from revealing new products and, for the first time, offering their exclusives for San Diego Comic Con to the general public via online orders. We highlight our favorite figures and also go into what we would like to call "Preordermegeddon". With an unprecedented set of circumstances this time around, the toy preorders have been plagued with near-instant sellouts and leaving all of us out in the cold- all of the while scalpers are throwing these item up on eBay for unspeakable amounts of money. We go over some of our experiences and take on the situation. On a more positive note, we watched the online panel for Power-Con, the Masters of the Universe convention, and really enjoyed the unveiling of the next waves from Mattel's Origins line and the announcement of the upcoming 7" figure line. Pixel Dan moderated the panel and it is so great to see a company like Mattel embrace someone like Dan and really utilize his expertise to make the Masters of the Universe toy lines be the best they can be. We cover the highlights and what we are looking forward to in this toy line. We want to thank you for listening to us and ask that you subscribe to our podcast- it is the best way to support us so we can get our voices into as many people's ears as possible. You are all the best and don't forget to PLAY WITH IT! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.